Direct and transparent fundraising

Contribute helps make the process transparent, allowing individuals to trust that their money is being spent exactly how they wish.

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Charitable giving is important for our society, but often people don't know where their money actually goes. Contribute helps make the process clear for everyone involved.

  • Provide specific campaigns within your organisation for individuals to donate directly to, breaking down how the money will be used.

  • Develop your own fundraising webpage with your branding, outlining how you spend the money you will receive through the donations made.

  • Donations go direct to your bank account - no all or nothing time pressure.

  • Export list of GiftAid donations, to ensure the collection of all the money you are eligible for.

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Below are some of the features that we currently offer:

  • Create a webpage dedicated to campaign fundraising
  • Setting a custom subdomain
  • Upload logo and choose specific colours
  • Specific fundraising pages for individual campaigns
  • Analytics dashboard to help you understand your donations (coming soon)
  • Export list for reporting for GiftAid
  • Personalised profiles for people who are raising money (coming soon)
  • Multi-step security process when creating an account and campaign
  • Who are we?

    We are a small team, and aim to stay that way. We have experience working in digital, communications and the third sector.

  • What are we trying to do?

    Contribute is not about making huge profits, but about helping organisations to receive more money for the good causes they support.

  • How can we achieve that?

    Low fees on all donations made and a cap on how much we will take from an organisation.

  • What next?

    We are working on new ideas that we hope to roll out soon. Get in touch if you want to find out more - we offer discounted rates for testers!

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We offer flat fees, which means:

  • No additional charges for different payment types.
  • No variable charges depending where the donation has been made from.
  • No set up fees.
  • No monthly membership fees.
  • No involvement in GiftAid and hidden fees for managing this.

For every transaction, just 4.5% is taken. This covers all the associated fees and you won't pay anything extra. We even have a cap on how much we will take in transaction fees.

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